Exclusive Sneakers

The classification of exclusive sneakers is similar to the classification of limited edition sneakers.  The similarity comes from the rarity, hard to find concept of both classification of sneakers.  In order to acquire such soles, an individual would have to be knowledgeable and dedicated.

However, the main difference lies in the question of “who” is creating the action, or in this case, the sneakers.  In this classification, the sneakers are made by small companies in the footwear industry that specialize in their craft.  Nonetheless, the quality and style are regarded highly in the sneaker subculture.  Avid sneaker enthusiasts appreciate such work and choose to wear such sneakers to represent their individuality.  So in this sense, it is a small group for a small group.  Small footwear companies designing and making sneakers for a small group of people.  The target audience of the small footwear companies is evident in their distribution.  Their sneakers are not mass retailed and can only be found in specialty shops or the companies’ website.

Here are a few examples of the small, exclusive sneaker companies described:

Gravis Footwear

Founded in Burlington, Vermont in 1998, Gravis Footwear has been making quality sneakers for over a decade.  Gravis grew out of the Burton Snowboarding company and maintains its ties to the action sports community with its design aesthetic.

Supra Footwear

Supra footwear was launched as a skateboard footwear company in 2006.  It is distributed by One Distribution in conjunction with KR3W, a skateboarding apparel company based in California.

Pointer Footwear

Gareth Skewis and Rose Chaules established Pointer in 2004.  Based in London, the company was created with the aim of making simple,well designed casual shoes.

Madfoot Footwear

Founded by designer Takashi Imai in 2001, Madfoot is a Japanese brand born from an obsession with sneakers.  Producing products that are simply what the Madfoot team wants to wear, the company is known for concentrating on the subtle details of their footwear designs.

JB Classics Footwear

Launched in San Francisco in 2001 as a reaction to founder Jason Bass’ disillusionment with the contemporary footwear industry, JB Classics is a footwear and lifestyle brand with its roots in streetwear, sport, design, art, and entertainment.


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