Meet the Author

High School

Embracing every opportunity, Agustin decided to pursue educational endeavors through an exchange program.  The third year business student from The University of Texas at Austin, who originally hails from Houston, Texas, decided to leave the boundaries of his home state for the first time and venture off into a new world.  The young lad found his way to Milano.  There he will spend time furthering his studies for the spring semester of 2010.  In a constant search for self improvement, he hopes to not only expand his academic knowledge but also learn more about the world around him.  Most of all, he hopes for a rewarding experience, for that in itself is knowledge.

As a young boy, Agustin spent much of his time trying to perfect his skill.  He could be found in the driveway of his home repeatedly shooting the ball at the basket.  The love and passion for the game ran deep; so deep that it was rooted at his feet.  Idolizing his favorite player and mimicking his every move, Agustin would lace up the same sneakers in an attempt to chase his dream of “being like Mike”.  With the love of the game came the passion of sneakers; the two became synonymous to him.

Over the years, he has somewhat lost touch with the sneaker culture in which he was once immersed in.  Yet the passion and appreciation still lives within him.  Through his blog, I got SOLE, he hopes to reconnect to the past but through a different perspective.  He aims at understanding how this subculture developed and contributed to a multibillion dollar industry.


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