Sneakerology 101

23 05 2010

Students Attending Sneakerology 101 Course

The sneaker subculture has become so prevalent in today’s urban culture and footwear industry it is now being discussed in the classroom.  Students at Carnegie Mellon University have the opportunity to earn college credit by taking “Sneakerology 101”.  The course was designed and delivered by Curtis and senior classmate Jesse Chong as part of the Student College initiative, an organization of classes taught by students.  The class focuses on exploring the impact of sneakers on identity and culture.  By doing so, it encompasses the worlds of hip hop, fashion, and basketball.

Here is an article published in the Carnegie Mellon student newspaper that highlights some of the activities of the course:  Students Kick It Up In The ‘Burgh.  Many students of the course were interviewed and provided great feedback about their learning experiences.  One student described the course as an “entrepreneurial experience” that gave her a wealth of knowledge and a new creative outlet.

I know for many the discussion of sneakers as a highly touted object may seem silly.  But if one were to closely examine the topic they would discover a complex network of activities.  I know I would love to take this course and learn more of the topic that I am immersed in.  Moreover, the details of this post are the bases of why I wanted to take an in depth look at the subculture in itself.