Dave White Art

12 05 2010

As I promised earlier, I want to showcase more of sneakers and contemporary art.  In this post I will display some art work from a very well known artist of Pop Art, Dave White.  White has become known worldwide through his corporate collaborations and even more so in the sneaker community for his sneaker inspired art.  His art work explores modern culture and objects in society.  Much of his work is found exhibited worldwide on displays, such as “Sneaker Pimps”.  He has also recently launched his own clothing brand that includes apparel and accessories featuring his sneaker related paintings.

I have explored sneakers as a vehicle for my paintings as I find them incredible objects to look at.  Whether it’s the line, the silhouette, colour, shape, form or texture, I believe sneakers are some of the most beautiful things ever designed.

Here are a few examples of his work:

The Court's A Battlefield

Air Force 1 By Dave White

These paintings come from a series created especially for the 25th anniversary of the Nike Air Force 1 sneaker.  The work explores military imagery to celebrate and symbolize the fierce competition that has always existed on the basketball court.

Air Jordan V Painting

Air Jordan IV Painting

Nike Air Max 90 Painting

Dave White is best known for his trademark sneaker paintings.

“The intent of my work has always been about capturing the character and essence of my subjects.  I would say what I do is somewhere between Pop and Expressionism.”