Air Jordan…Part II

28 04 2010

Along with the series of Air Jordan sneakers was the extreme marketing by Nike.  The sneakers were featured in new, revolutionary commercials and ads.  This impacted the demand for the sneakers and had fans interestingly awaiting them.  At times, the lines between advertising and entertainment blurred.  The Air Jordan series really changed the marketing strategies of sportswear and crossed sports with pop culture.

Here is an example of those new, revolutionary commercials mentioned.  This particular commercial features Spike Lee.  The combination of Jordan and Lee was a marketing campaign put forth by Nike.

Here is an example of how Air Jordans crossed into entertainment and pop culture.  They were featured in a film called Do The Right Thing.  I think this skit really exemplifies the iconic stature Air Jordans have.

In 1997, the Air Jordan line created another first when Nike unveiled a new marketing plan.  Jordan became a sub brand of Nike and started to feature different lines of sneakers.  From that point, Jordan Brand no longer featured the Nike name or Nike Swoosh.

Jordan Brand Logo

Air Jordan shoes have consistently been among the best selling basketball shoes since their debut in 1985.  The Jordan Brand is a household name, people of all ages and social strata line up eagerly for the release of the latest model.  Starting in the early 90s and even today, the Air Jordan sneaker became a status symbol and an icon of a flamboyant lifestyle.  Some of this success can be attributed to the fact that the shoes, from the Jordan III to the most recent model, have always started with their namesake, Michael Jordan.  The designers take his ideas, hobbies, and life into account and incorporate these elements into the shoes.  Each pair of Air Jordan sneakers has a unique design and some have even been designed after Jordan’s cars.

The series has extended to the Air Jordan XXIII, the same as Jordan’s jersey number.  For the past two and a half decades, the brand and its tradition of quality, high-fashion basketball and athletic shoes continued to be the premier sneakers.

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