Sneaky Numbers

9 05 2010

Sneakers and Numbers

Data on sneakers and the footwear industry.

1/12 – the ratio of Americans that owned a pair of Air Jordans in the early 90s

$2.46 – the daily wage rate a worker in China makes for manufacturing sneakers

$3 – the average cost to produce a pair of sneakers

33 – percent of all athletic footwear spending is done by those aged 13-24

$63 – average price tag of a pair of sneakers

86.4 – percent of the quantity that China contributes to the U.S. market

95 – percent of all footwear sold in the U.S. is imported

23,925 – total number of establishments in the footwear wholesalers industry in 2003

$50,000 – how much it costs to buy the most expensive sneakers, a pair of Nike Air Force One “So Cal

$100,000,000 – the amount of the contract signed by Lebron James in his endorsement with Nike

$10,300,000,000 – footwear sales for Nike, largest manufacturer of athletic footwear, in 2009

$18,900,000,000 – value of imported footwear to the U.S. in 2007

An interesting find are the numbers that point toward the manufacturing of sneakers overseas.  This only hints at the large concern of corporate social responsibility large brands face when manufacturing in foreign countries.  Also, we can see that the production costs are minimal and revenues are astonishingly high.  So if you are purchasing sneakers that are branded, you are most likely paying for that brand name and for their advertisements.  This has implications as to why there is an increase trend in the “Other” brands, or exclusive sneakers, category in the market share.